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Life Insurance in Maryland

At Union Insurance, our representatives strive to cultivate meaningful, enduring relationships with each and every one of our valued clients, going above and beyond to meet them wherever they may be, including the comfort of their own homes. Thanks to our innovative virtual meeting platform, we now offer the convenience of applying for life insurance online, all while still delivering the personalized service that sets us apart.

Life Insurance

Life insurance is something you do to help protect those you love so they don’t suffer financially if your income is no longer there. Life insurance can be the only thing that stands between your loved ones and financial hardship.

Health Supplements

If you develop a health problem like cardiovascular disease, stroke, cancer, or are involved in an auto accident that lands you in intensive care; These events can impact not only your health, but also the financial wellbeing of your family.

No-Cost Products

American Income Life offers a variety of no-cost products to help provide valuable protection for you and your family.


For over six decades, American Income Life has been dedicated to providing the working class families of Maryland with top-notch life, accident, and supplemental health products. Our portfolio of offerings helps protect members of labor unions, credit unions, associations, and their loved ones from life’s unexpected twists and turns. Ask your state insurance representative about how you and your family can access the same benefits as our sponsored members.

Whole-Life Insurance

Whole life insurance is life insurance that covers one’s life permanently as long the member pays for the premiums accordingly. It’s flexible since it can cover you as you grow your savings associated with the plan.

Term-Life Insurance

Term life insurance covers a person for a specified time. Compensation is disbursed once the insurance policyholder dies within the specified duration. If the term expires, the policyholder can renew the period of change to whole life insurance. 

Supplemental Health Insurance

Our supplemental insurance products complement any insurance you may already have in place and pay in addition to any other coverage you have. No “primary/secondary” rules. You get the benefits you signed up for.

Child Life Insurance

Planning for your child’s or grandchild’s future is one of the greatest gifts you can give them. With the Head Start program, you can give your loved one a head start on a lifetime of coverage – regardless of future health issues.

Apply for Life Insurance Online

Applying for life insurance online has never been easier and more convenient. Obtaining life insurance allows you to provide a safety net for your loved ones when you pass away. In Maryland, a life insurance policy is a contract stating that, as long as your premium is paid and the policy is active when you die, your beneficiaries can receive a death benefit payout to be used however they like — for final expenses, paying off outstanding debt, and even everyday costs.

Explore the types of life insurance we offer through Union Life Insurance. Term life policies provide coverage if you pass away within a set number of years, while permanent policies such as whole life and final expense provide coverage for your entire life. Apply for life insurance online today.


Now serving families online with insurance benefits, life, accident, and supplemental health products to help protect members of labor unions, credit unions, associations, and their families.


An American Income Life insurance agency, providing a seamless online enrollment process. Let’s connect and discuss coverage for your family.

Groups We Serve

At Maryland Life Insurance, we understand the importance of securing your family’s financial future. That’s why we’re proud to offer Maryland residents life insurance options from Union Life Insurance Company, underwritten by American Income Life Insurance Company.

  • Our Union Representatives in Baltimore and Columbia are dedicated to helping you find the right coverage to meet your needs and budget.

And at Maryland Life Insurance, we believe in providing our customers with the best service possible. That’s why we offer a 10-day free look period, a 30-day grace period, and timely payment of claims, so you can have peace of mind knowing you and your loved ones are protected.