Welcome to our online life insurance agency. 30+ years of expertise with a core purpose to protect every child and serve all working people.


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Our Mission is to protect every child and serve all working people.

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Honesty, Integrity & Trust are Core Values while providing Exceptional Service to our Members.


Top GA Agency in 2013, 400% over the previous year in NV 2014. Fastest Growing Agency in Memphis, TN 2015. Top workplace 2021. Launch of Union Life 2022.

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As we have always been a traditionally operating in the spirit of top notch service. Due to the current state of our economy with COVID, we have gone virtual. Now it is easier then every to apply for life insurance online.

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American Income Life

Since 1951 AIL has held long established relationships with labor unions, associations, & credit unions. As we operate under the OPEIU – Office and Professional Employees International Union. Our local is 277 and is often referred to as AIL Local 277. We now provide online life insurance.

Online Life Insurancee

Applying for life insurance online has never been easier and more convenient. Obtaining life insurance allows you to provide a safety net for your loved ones when you pass away. In the US, a life insurance policy is a contract stating that, as long as your premium is paid and the policy is active when you die, your beneficiaries can receive a death benefit payout to be used however they like — for final expenses, paying off outstanding debt, and even everyday costs.

Explore the types of life insurance we offer through Union Life Insurance. Term life policies provide coverage if you pass away within a set number of years, while permanent policies such as whole life and final expense provide coverage for your entire life. Apply with our online life insurance portal today.

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