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Term life insurance, also referred to as pure life insurance covers a person for a specified time. Compensation is disbursed once the insurance policyholder dies within the specified duration. If the term expires, the policyholder can renew the period of change to whole life insurance. If the insured dies during the term, the insurer will pay the value to the registered beneficiaries.
If you buy this policy, the insurer decides on the premiums considering many things, including the policy’s value, insured age, sex, and physical fitness. Others may require a medical exam, driving records, medications, smoking status, family history, and jobs occupied.

Types of Term Life Insurance

Level Term/Level-Premium Policy

This policy has an extent to a death benefit. It provides cover for a given period, ranging from 10 to 30 years. The beneficiaries get compensated equally despite the year the insured dies, whether within the 2nd, 24th, or 30th year.

Yearly Renewable Term (YRT) Policy

This policy has no definite term, but renewal can be done each year. The payment varies yearly; as the insured ages, the premiums increase. The more the insured renews, the more premiums are paid and, hence, more expensive than whole life insurance.

Decreasing Term Policy

This policy declines over time. Such policies are usually used to cover mortgage balance since its total balance reduces over time and will have been fully paid at the end of the term.


Cost of Premiums
Term life policies are cheaper and affordable to persons who need low-cost insurance, unlike clients who prefer whole life insurance hence paying more for less coverage. However, they’re sure of life protection.

Term life insurance is very simple to understand, its coverage, payment of premiums, it aims at covering the insured within a given timeline.
This policy becomes the best insurance policy if the need is short-termed especially when the protection needed is less than ten years.
Term life insurance keeps the records private of the beneficiaries, they don’t keep public records of the death benefits amounts to be paid this maintains the confidentiality between the insurer and insured. CRITICAL ILLNESS COVERAGE
At any point in life, one may suffer critical illness hence the treatment draining the pockets and savings, though the policy only offers to cover life, the policyholder may choose to get the critical illness covered.

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