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Whole life insurance is a life insurance that covers one’s life permanently as long the member pays for the premiums accordingly. It’s flexible since it can cover you as you grow your savings. You can receive whole life insurance quotes online right here at Union Life Insurance. So, how does whole life insurance work?

How does whole life insurance work?

The premiums are always pre-determined, just like a death benefit that isn’t influenced by a member’s age at the time of death. The beneficiary chosen gets total compensation after the death of the insured person.

A member should always keep their premiums throughout the entire policy. Otherwise, the coverage might lapse and you may lose your coverage.

Whole life insurance has three types of policies, each entail a permanent life policy:

Traditional Whole Life

It gives one equal premium and death benefit since one joined the policy. Additionally, a member can get a refund once a decision to quit is made from the account as needed throughout your lifetime.

Universal life

A member may choose to add money into a savings account in addition to your premium but earns interest on the balance, giving space to savings to grow and opt for a low premium and use the money in the account to make some payments.

Variable Life

This type of life insurance allows a member to invest in cash to produce greater returns. In addition, it gives flexibility since one can manage the accumulated cash value.

Advantages of Whole Life Insurance

Permanent coverage

When you choose a whole life insurance policy earlier, you’ll have adequate coverage for your beneficiaries, even during old age. Premiums will be steady throughout your life, as long as the coverage doesn’t lapse at any time.

Cash value offers flexibility

A member can get access to cash value growing when still living, and you can use the cash value in various ways in your lifetime.

Tax Advantages

the death benefits accrued in this policy are tax-free. The policyholders can pay their premiums from the accumulated cash value which has tax deferment.

Estate Planning and Business Succession
In this, the insured can be the most important and key person in a business who can bring a succession of the business and can bring up the equity and equality in the family in buying the beneficiaries more shares for the business.
Additional Savings Options

Whole life insurance can be a good place for people to put some money to grow tax-deferred.

Whole Life Insurance never expires

In whole life insurance does not expire as long as payments are done regardless of when you die.

Premiums on whole life policies stay the same

In whole life insurance premiums remain constant over the whole period, unlike other policies which may require you to adjust payments over time hence inconveniencing the clients.

Earning of Dividends

In this one can have the dividends either in cash form or even choose using them pay for the premiums thus allowing one’s death benefit and value of cash grow faster.


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